Sports Tech of the Year –  for Sport and in Sport

CloudMatrix – StreamAMG

Cloud Matrix allows content teams to manage their video assets more effectively, saving editors time and presenting users with a more dynamic experience. Its rich feature set – from metadata and scheduling to feed creation – makes it the premier video management product on the market today.

StreamAMG created Cloud Matrix to bring scheduling, personalisation, OTT distribution and complete syndication control to MediaPlatform content by integrating third party data feeds and allowing up to 100,000 database queries per second.

A rights-driven channel management tool that pushes content anytime, anywhere, this one-stop-shop lets users upload, edit, schedule and share content through custom feeds based on custom rules and restrictions. This enables effective distribution of content to other media outlets, opening up new revenue streams for club-produced content.

Rather than constantly churn out new videos, it enables content teams to increase their output by quickly and easily querying their archives to bring existing, older content to life.

Ultimately, Cloud Matrix’s unique capabilities to help content managers get more fans watching their video, and for longer.


POWA index. AI Sponsorship valuation. Digital benchmarking for the sports industry.

In October 2018, after 18 months in development, London & New York based DataPOWA launched the world’s first A.I. real-time sport sponsorship valuation SaaS product, POWA index, with data from over 3,000 teams, leagues and events from around the globe.

POWA index provides a definitive market valuation by benchmarking rights-holders in relation to each-other across a wide-range of data-points incorporating traditional media, digital platforms and fan interactions.

POWA index digital benchmarking dashboard tool enables:

Rights holders to identify how to maximise their income from sponsorship properties
Brands/Sponsors to negotiate better Sponsorship deals, saving time & money
Agencies to understand which properties afford the most value for their clients; saving considerable time and existing resource costs.

DataPOWA are able to use the POWA index to value sponsorship properties & offers a competitively-priced sponsorship valuation service.

The team has been delighted at the market’s initial reaction and sales to global sports brands and sponsors. POWA index is poised to become a disruptor in a very lucrative global sponsorship market, and so offers exciting organic growth opportunities, as well as industry consolidation potential.

NTT DATA & The Open – Driving Data Intelligence

NTT DATA is a global IT and future technologies innovator.

Headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in more than 50 countries, NTT DATA provides world-class end-to-end IT and technology solutions to its clients.

In 2013 NTT DATA became an ‘Official Patron’ and the ‘Official IT Provider’ to The Open Championship.

‘The Open’ is the world’s oldest and most prestigious golf tournament, providing a stage for the world’s best players to challenge for one of sport’s most iconic trophies. With 175,000 spectators lining the fairways and ½ billion more following on TV, there’s so much analysis of every shot, highlighting the importance data plays in the world of sport.

As an Official Patron, NTT DATA wanted to demonstrate to spectators how they could use analytics, data and digital technology to transform the spectator experience (and simultaneously showcase cutting-edge future technology to B2B guests at the event).

By identifying, interpreting and visualising raw data we were able to bring fans and corporate guests unprecedented insight into the action, ensuring The Open and NTT DATA remained at the forefront of Sports innovation.

Our entry demonstrates we are data-driven experts, brand champions and storytellers, and able to impact commercial objectives for our client.


For football academies that need to stay ahead of the competition, PlayerMaker is next-generation player development and coaching enhancement solutions. Unlike existing video and GPS-based solutions, PlayerMaker uniquely provides technical, tactical and physical performance insights leveraging its innovative footwear sensor. Completely replacing GPS systems and featuring advanced video integration capabilities, PlayerMaker is a plug-n-play and user-friendly solution that delivers immediate and highly accurate actionable insights.

STATSports Apex

STATSports, is an Irish based sports technology company and is at the forefront of cutting-edge sports innovation technology offering the following unique to its clients and wider consumer market: The APEX Pro and APEX Athlete Series.

APEX PRO Prestigious features and partnerships includes:
1. APEX Watch. Live data is more accessible than ever.
2. Live system. Data can be streamed live to a tablet using our fixed or portable beacons. Additionally, data can also be live streamed using our brand new wearable beacon collecting data for a full squad of players at one time. No other competitor offers this.
3. The ability to connect to multiple devices making this a Bluetooth hub.

U.S Soccer deal. In March 2018, STATSports became the “Official On-field performance monitoring device of U.S Soccer” sees all Men’s National Teams, Women’s National Teams and the development academy set up using STATSports APEX system.
Brazil FA. One of the most well renowned brands in football. Following on from the U.S Soccer deal, April 2018 saw Brazil FA sign as a client ahead of the 2018 World Cup. This partnership sees the Men’s national team, Women’s national teams and development academy set up.


The Digital Transformation approach for Manchester United has resulted in the creation of the unique Ecosystem-based Platform Business Model. The Platform draws in the 659 Million global fans on one side, through Real-time interaction, recommendations and personalisation, and connects them to the club and the sponsors on the other side.

The process creates a 2-sided network effect which results in increased value on one side due to increased participation on the other side – “every new Fan engagement results in increased brand reach for sponsors while every new Content or deals from Sponsors provided increased opportunity for the fans”.

The platform generates a huge amount of data from ecosystem interaction, which when analysed results in unique insights and opens new opportunities for e-Commerce, Brand Engagement, Product Introduction targeted for specific demography and geography.