Best in Sports Media

ABB FIA Formula E Championship – Formula E TV (FETV)

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater street racing series.

Consisting of 11 teams and 22 drivers, Formula E delivers world-class racing to 12 cities over five continents, throughout the seven-month Championship season. Bringing racing rivalries to city streets, set against some of the most iconic skylines in the world – such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris and Rome – Formula E is racing, reinvented.

By reinventing racing, comes the requirement to showcase and broadcast the sport differently. Formula E now has a unique signature, one that has attracted a younger demographic, the demographic more established sports are desperate to tap into.

Formula E TV’s content creates jeopardy, develops character and narrative throughout, uses technology and innovation to create a point of differentiation, and educates consumers about electric mobility while giving global manufacturers a platform to test and develop road-relevant technologies.

BBC Sport

The BBC remains the nation’s favourite broadcaster, and no one is better placed to bring the nation together for major events across all our platforms. Last year saw the BBC cover a whole raft of major sporting spectacles, including the World Cup, the Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and the new European Championships – alongside the continued strength of our regular output: Match of the Day, the FA Cup, Wimbledon, the 6 Nations, Test Match Special, and much more. As a result, we accounted for 41% of the total sports viewing in the UK, despite only broadcasting 2% of TV Sport hours. The World Cup reached 44.5 million people, and the Winters 33.6 million. Our weekly TV football output attracts 10 million; our website has 22.4 million weekly browsers, and we have more than 31 million followers on social media. Our new streaming service added an extra 1600 hours of live sport last year, and our news teams delivered a clutch of exclusives. Our on air talent team has never been so diverse, and a whole range of new output helped reach younger audiences – nearly 10 million under 35s for the World Cup alone. Appreciation scores were impressively high throughout.

European Tour/Ryder Cup Europe – PGA European Tour

After cementing a reputation for world-class, award-winning original content across social media and broadcast in 2017, we set out on a mission to make The 2018 Ryder Cup the most engaging, innovative and far-reaching in the event’s illustrious history.

Whether by the World Feed television broadcast and its ground-breaking technology, or on Ryder Cup Europe-owned social media channels, the aim remained the same: create compelling, creative content to showcase the personalities, atmosphere and camamaderie that makes The Ryder Cup so unique.

Broadcast across 200 territories, the World Feed provided $169m in media value – 75% up from the last home Ryder Cup – while RCE social media content garnered 3.3m engagements – triple 2014/2016 – with 182m impressions and 45m video views in a 10-day period delivering $22m of social media value for us and our partners.

“A shining example to other large-scale sporting events. Best-in-class content.” – Elizabeth Stranges, Global Sports Partnerships Twitter

FEI Website – Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is the global governing body for equestrian sports. Its mission is to drive and develop the sport around the world, and as such the FEI is dedicated to nurturing a strong relationship with its global fanbase.

One important way in which it does so is via its website,, which received an extensive upgrade in 2016. The result was a sleek and user-friendly new website that provides visitors with a breathtaking combination of visual beauty and informative punch.

The best stories, photos and videos are carefully selected to offer something for every fan: from competition highlights and athlete interviews to lifestyle features and exclusive content for registered users.

The website, which includes a fully populated Chinese section, encourages fans to take deeper dives into the equestrian world through a free-to-use e-learning platform, social media channels, and FEI TV.

The results have been impressive: Page views have almost quintupled from 6.4 million in 2016 to 31 million in 2018.

The metrics are a glowing indication that by investing in the fan experience, the FEI has created a platform where it can bring people closer to the sport while expanding its reach and message around the globe.

RamsTV – Derby County Football Club

Hoping to create an additional revenue stream as well working towards the club’s mission statement of ‘creating the most immersive, engaging and inspiring content globally in football,’ RamsTV’s aim was to become the best in-house broadcast department at a football club, anywhere within the UK.

Through the implementation of innovative broadcasting solutions and the use of web based streaming platforms, RamsTV now broadcasts the club’s first team, academy and ladies matches live across the globe whilst also creating a wide range of traditional and non-traditional football content tailored for use across a variety of digital platforms.

In doing so, RamsTV has not only created an additional revenue stream for the club but has also helped boost the club’s digital presence and profile exponentially.

SportsPro Media

Founded in 2008, SportsPro serves executives in the international sports business with industry-leading content, ideas and networking opportunities. Over the past 11 years the industry has seen unprecedented change and innovation in the way it’s consumed and provides value to the consumer. The same can be said of SportsPro, which was founded as a magazine only, and has developed into a leading media business spanning print, digital and events.

To address the changing needs and demands of the evolving sports business globally, we identified a need to overhaul our content strategy to ensure our output is tailored to specific audiences. This included implementing a strategic, company-wide focus on the over-the-top (OTT) ecosystem that continues to disrupt and reshape the intimately interconnected landscapes of sport, media and entertainment.

This has clearly made an impression on our social audience. Our official LinkedIn account has seen a 45 per cent increase in followers since January 2018, growing to more than 3,500 in the space of a year. On Twitter, meanwhile, our reach now stands at close to 32,000 followers, with nearly 7.5 million impressions and an engagement rate of 0.9% – far exceeding the industry standard of between 0.09% and 0.3%.