Sports Innovation Award

ASB LumiFlex – ASB GlassFloor

We would like to introduce the sporting innovation which is the ASB GlassFloor. The GlassFloor comes in two variations, both of which benefit the sportsperson and increase participation in various ways, whilst serving as a multi-functional floor area for events outside the sporting world.

The MultiSport GlassFloor, hidden beneath the glass are a series of LED strips which shine through the glass, displaying the desired game lines for any desired sport on the surface, eliminating confusing line crossovers. The individual game lines of specific sports are illuminated independently according to the desired sport selected via touchscreen.

The LumiFlex GlassFloor is another variation of the GlassFloor and has mostly the same properties but can display full video output on the floor via a HDMI interface, as well as sports game lines. This makes the playing surface a multifunctional monitor which can be utilised in any way the owner sees fit, developing training and practise through the use of interactive training. Interactive training takes brings practice to the next level, your coach can draw a path via tablet and the tracked player must complete the course, all the time the score / time of the player is displayed on the floor.

Born Barikor – Our Parks

Our Parks was founded by Born Barikor in March 2014 with the aim of creating an accessible pathway to exercise by providing free fitness sessions in parks across London and the UK. Our Parks delivers over 300 hours per week of outdoor group exercise classes across the UK, predominately in London, to activate outdoor spaces and parks, targeting inactive people. Their aim is to provide everyone with the opportunity to exercise and get fit together to improve their health.


In 2018, DAZN completely elevated itself from an unknown to a major multi-sport broadcaster, a trajectory many assumed to be impossible. The market by nature was resistant to challengers,, and to become a prominent sports rights holder in the most prominent market, DAZN needed to be creative in striking deals and find a different way to build credibility.

With John Skipper at the helm, DAZN first upended the pay-per-view model and struck a historic $1 billion deal with Matchroom Boxing, establishing a new channel of access for U.S. boxing fans. DAZN then secured a nine-figure deal with Bellator MMA, bringing in one of the most popular MMA entities. To round out a complete fight sports package, DAZN solidified the richest athlete contract in sports history by partnering with Golden Boy Promotions to put Canelo Alvarez exclusively on their platform for five years.

In November 2018, DAZN elevated its value proposition to sports fans by securing a partnership with MLB that will provide live look-ins to MLB games, positioning DAZN as a platform ready to compete for any premium sports rights that come available in 2019 and beyond.

Everton Football Club

Everton made technological and sporting history by helping a child too sick to travel to become the world’s first ‘virtual matchday mascot’ – experiencing the excitement of going on the pitch via a specially designed telepresence robot carried by captain Phil Jagielka.

The lifelong Blue, Jack McLinden, a 14-year-old boy from Liverpool, suffers from multiple health conditions and his oxygen-dependence – and use of a wheelchair – severely restricts his mobility.

Jack was able to fulfil his dream of being a mascot through the robot; meeting players in the changing room before being carried on to the pitch by skipper Phil Jagielka.

‘Jack’s Virtual Mascot’ resulted in global media coverage and praise for Everton’s efforts from Kick It Out – Football’s equality and inclusion organisation – as well as influential figures from within the gaming world.

The project highlighted Everton’s commitment to equality and set an example of inclusive practice for sick or disabled supporters throughout the Premier League.

The story resonated beyond football achieving impressive broadcast, online and print coverage across sports, tech and general news media globally and helped generate enquiries from news organisations worldwide.

Everton’s involvement helped solidify Everton’s position as a pioneering Club of firsts.

Huddersfield Town Football Club

Huddersfield Town wanted to create a real impression with the announcement of our new Head Coach Jan Siewert.

The day before the announcement, Sky Sports were showing our Premier League game against Manchester City One of the reporters thought they had seen Jan Siewert in the Directors Box, so went to approach him to get an ‘exclusive’ He went up to him and asked “Are You Jan”, to which the gent replied “No, I’m Martin from Wakefield”.

Sky Sports relayed this error to a worldwide audience of millions.

We as a Club had to act very fast on this to get the full reactive effect, so the day after we met to look at how we could use this to our advantage.

We filmed Martin sat in the Head Coach’s chair in his office, pretending to be on a phone call, before being interrupted by a knock on the door from Jan Siewert wanting his seat back.

The results led to the most viewed video in the history of the Club, with thousands of likes and retweets. On Twitter alone, 1.6 million people viewed our launch video, with the Tweet becoming a viral sensation.

Movement Module – Catapult

Historically, the detection of limb stiffness, asymmetry and limb dominance (all major injury risk factors) has required extensive laboratory-based assessments which are often impractical and unrealistic in the busy and time-poor environment of team sports.

Identifying individual movement patterns using nothing more than a wearable GPS device, Catapult’s Movement Module is targeted at coaches and sports scientists who are looking to approach standardised fitness testing in innovative ways and is already having an impact on practice in this crucial area.

Presca Teamwear – GRN Sportswear

The World’s Most Sustainable Pro-Cycling Kit

From launching a new teamwear brand in February 2018, to creating “the world’s most sustainable pro-cycling kit” and becoming official teamwear sponsor to a UCI Continental professional cycling team, within the space of a year.

In 2018, GRN Sportswear Ltd (an award-winning sustainable cycling and triathlon wear company) launched its teamwear brand, Presca Teamwear, having created a niche for bespoke, sustainable team apparel for cycling and triathlon. The company is known for creating garments from recycled materials including plastic bottles, fishing nets and other post-industrial nylon. In 2018, Presca set itself a huge goal – to prove that recycled materials can withstand the challenge of professional cycle racing, proving once and for all that sustainability and performance go hand-in-hand.

An intensive period of development followed, working in partnership with Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK and one of the UK’s top sportswear designers. Identifying recycled fabrics for their performant qualities including breathability, wickability, stretch, support and weather protection, Presca developed a ground-breaking new range of professional cycling clothing and became the official teamwear supplier to the Team, making them, we believe, the first UCI Team to race in recycled fabrics. Pro-performance, pro-Planet.

Umbro – Everton Football Club

Umbro are a pioneering sportswear brand, with over 90 years of experience of designing and distributing sportswear apparel and equipment, the brand is steeped in history and innovation. The partnership with the Club not only allows Umbro to showcase the best of their technical apparel and design insight, but also their authentic brand position and progressive thinking.

The 18/19 away kit launch demonstrated the partnerships desire to break new ground by delivering a launch that was fronted exclusively by the Everton Ladies Team, a football first. Closely anchored to Women in Football, the campaign leveraged a showpiece moment to drive change and create opportunity.