Best Sports Governing Body Initiative

Fighting Chance Scholarship Programme – British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA)

The BMABA’s Fighting Chance Scholarship Programme is the martial arts industry’s first grass-roots initiative to help lift children out of poverty through martial arts.

The programme provides completely free training in martial arts for children living in poverty through to the age of 18. At the age of 16, the programme then pays for their journey into coaching, through qualifications and training. This leads to a fully-fledged instructor license at the age of 18+.

The programme aims to tackle youth knife crime, gang culture and the often traumatic effects of growing up in violent or impoverished households. It does this by providing a stable, inspiring role-model through the club and instilling the values and training of martial arts. It also provides better prospects for early adulthood, as well as working in partnership with schools to maintain conduct in the classroom. In turn, this provides access to an independent opportunity for the young person to earn their own living once qualified, whilst inspiring and mentoring future generations.

GolfSixes League – The Golf Foundation

The Golf Foundation is the national charity which encourages young people from all backgrounds to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in golf.

‘GolfSixes League’ was created in 2018 with the aim of helping more young people to ‘Stay’ in golf clubs, through an innovative new format which sought to foster a sense of belonging in junior sections and boost the involvement of parents.

Through GolfSixes League juniors play in competitive inter-club golf leagues – developing regular players and new members through team practice and play; six-a-side, six-hole matches for boys and girls, wearing team shirts, supported by high numbers of parents.

Replicating the fun ‘team golf’ found in the European Tour’s creation of ‘GolfSixes’ and also recent Ryder Cups, in 2018 GolfSixes League created 24 UK Leagues, featuring 1,160 players from 102 clubs. 25% of players were female, 65% of parents volunteered at events, and there was a 34% increase (42% in England) in affiliated membership at these clubs.

The Foundation aims to grow GolfSixes League to 83 leagues, 366 clubs and over 4,000 youngsters by December 2021.

International Table Tennis Federation – ITTF Foundation

“Solidarity through Table Tennis”

Since 2018, the world has a new organisation working in the field of sports for development and peace. The establishment of the table tennis related ITTF Foundation was endorsed by all members of the International Table Tennis Federation in 2018. Less than one year later, the Foundation was officially recognised by German authorities. The ITTF Foundation promotes solidarity and understand itself not as a mere charity, rather an executing partner on the field. We not only offer support, supervision and promotion, we are also involved in the execution, the coordination and problem solving. We have a capacity building approach, striving for excellence in project execution in each of our six programs;

TT Dream Building: supporting and executing humanitarian projects using table tennis for positive social ouotcomes on the field;

TT4ALL: making table tennis accessible to a broad public, focussing on minority groups;

TT4Health: divulging the healthy benefits of table tennis on a social, mental and physical level;

NeTTworking: connecting people wishing to help with people in need Ping Pong Diplomacy: promoting a peaceful behaviour among opposite individuals, groups, regions or nations;

TT Legacy: leaving a positive social legacy of table tennis events in the host locations.

#LoveSwimming campaign – Swim England

How do you get a nation talking about swimming?

#LoveSwimming is the first ever industry-wide campaign that is getting the UK talking about swimming. Through collaborative working with key partners in the sport & leisure industry, we are delivering massive reach, engagement and action. We believe Swim England to be the first National Governing Body to deliver a marketing campaign in a fully collaborative way, with the campaign funded by its partners.

This digitally-led campaign highlights a number of real-world stories, from people who have experienced some of the many benefits that swimming has to offer. These stories have been filmed and shared widely across social channels and have also hit ‘mainstream’ national and local media.

The results to-date show almost 500k views of the digital films, with 150,000 people saying they will swim more. This campaign has grown to include 12 funding partners and is going from strength-to-strength in terms of reach and impact.

The concept was delivered in less than six months from conception to roll-out of Wave One of the campaign, including securing all funding from the swimming industry partners.

Transforming an International Federation – International Netball Federation

Netball is a well organised sport with a huge participation base, predominantly in Commonwealth countries; well over 20 million women and girls (and some men and boys) play, coach, officiate or administer the game. However, it is not recognised globally for its high-performance game. With a very limited income derived from Membership fees, surpluses from its premier event and some partner funding, the International Netball Federation (INF) has to be creative and innovative in its approach to increase its voice in the international sporting world.

Through the delivery of its Netball 2020 strategic plan INF is leading a transformation. The process began with changes to its own internal governance processes. The global membership has been empowered and the national netball associations are motivated and engaged. The key stakeholders in global sport including the IOC and the CGF are noticing. Women’s sport is finally being given the profile by the media that it has sought for decades and INF is poised, ready to seize the moment. INF is delivering on its mission and women’s lives are being changed.