Best Fan Engagement Programme

Cardiff City FC Fan Engagement

Cardiff City’s fan engagement strategy has seen the average attendance rise from under 20,000 to over 30,000. From a club that had historical issues with crowd disorder at Ninian Park the club now enjoy a reputation of a safe family club whilst maintaining a vibrant atmosphere at matches.

Ekstraklasa S.A.

In seeking new communication channels to get across to fans and promote the competitions, we have decided to create a mobile application. It was built with the main objective of commercializing the so-called “zero fans”, which means those fans who spend no money on the matches. Another objective was to develop an application at the global top-class level. It is now Europe’s best rated official league application (Android rating: 4.5/5) that is well ahead of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1.

Our application is the only official league application that has an extended community zone. Users have the option to build their own unique contact network within the application. As a result, each app user has, on average, 18 friends, which means nearly three million relations between fans in total & more than one million comments have already been exchanged.

Currently, the application has approximately 160 thousand users and is one of Poland’s most popular sports applications. In future, we will enhance the application with “fan engagement” solutions. Starting from the 2019/20 season, we will also broadcast attractive video materials, and the so-called digital near live clips with replays only a moment after the goal was scored.

F1 Fan Voice – Goodform & F1

F1 Fan Voice, an online global research community, was created and launched in April 2018. The first of its kind by an international sports governing body, F1 Fan Voice capitalises on the unique levels of engagement amongst sports fans and epitomises Formula 1’s transition to a progressive, fan-centric organisation with insight at its core.

F1 Fan Voice has put the fans views at the heart of decision making by making data and research much more accessible to all teams. Fan Voice provides open channels of communication with fans, allowing their views to be heard at the highest echelons, whilst also rewarding and engaging via prize draws, giveaways and exclusive content. The always-on nature means that all members can be invited to take part in research instantly – with results immediately available for viewing by the Formula 1 team. In making research so much more accessible, the platform has fundamentally changed the culture of the business at Formula 1, with decisions now being made based on fan views.

In just 10 months, F1 Fan Voice has enabled over 60,000 members to influence decisions on core elements of fan experience, including race weekend format, TV coverage and F1’s digital platforms.

Fan Movement, by FIFA and Seven League

With the aim of becoming the #1 digital destination for the global football fan community by 2022, FIFA asked 7L to bring fans closer to the football and introduce their voices into the organisation.

We seeded the vision of creating a truly global community of fans on a scale never witnessed before. We created a global community, a movement of fans for fans celebrating the best of football.

Fan Movement by FIFA was officially launched on Day 1 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. During the tournament, for the first time ever, a new voice was represented in FIFA: Fan Movement.

In 2018, Fan Movement generated over 60+ hrs of video, their video stories reached over 163 million people on FIFA channels (26.2M engagements and 25.6M views).

It’s not just the scale of this project which is momentous, it’s the ambition. We overcame brand issues and legal challenges involved in using UGC on official, commercially sensitive channels.

Empowered by a few visionaries inside FIFA, we have helped change FIFA’s relationship with fans.

This is not a one-off campaign; Fan Movement has been integrated into FIFA’s overall strategy and will play a key part during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup

Our League for The RFL – InCrowd

The Rugby Football League (RFL) approached InCrowd to find a solution to marketing challenges including a lack of direct digital channels and limited fan data.. They wanted to build an engaged online audience to drive central marketing, ticket sales across the league & support a long term OTT strategy to address an uncertain broadcast future. InCrowd’s response was to propose a new digital membership platform, creating a direct to fan channel and attracting a new, younger audience with a sophisticated approach to collecting data, in a value exchange for content & exclusive access to engagement tools and offers.

In one year, Our League has welcomed 84K registered members growing the marketable database of RFL by 60% & creating a sophisticated direct channel to fans through web, app & email. Fan led engagement features include 40 live match streams, ticketing integration, rewards schemes, a live Sky Sports broadcast integration for Man Of the Match voting and gamification features that have awarded prizes to 13K fans. Our League also delivers a player dashboard showing stats and comparison to other players within a player’s division, created for the entire rugby league playing community.

Spectator Judging® App and the Fédération Equestre Internationale eLeague Dressage

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is the global governing body for equestrian sports. Its mission is to drive and develop the sport around the world, and as such the federation places a premium on fan engagement.

The FEI has invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies as a means to significantly improve the spectator experience at its events.

In 2018, it launched a free Spectator Judging app that puts the audience in the judging seat at FEI Dressage World Cup™ events. Using the app, spectators can score the performances just like the actual judges, with rankings updated in real-time and the virtual scoreboard placed side-by-side with official results on arena scoreboards.

The app proved so successful it was used as the core component for the FEI eLeague Dressage, the federation’s first digital fan series. The revolutionary platform encourages fans to remain engaged throughout the season by allowing them to collect points either live or on TV, resulting in a new dimension of spectator competitiveness.

The app has surpassed expectations in terms of downloads and retention rate, with 25,000 people using it regularly. It has proven popular in various countries worldwide and has quickly become the must-have digital companion to any equestrian outing.

The Lion’s Den – The English Football Association, Grabyo and Singular.Live

For the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, The English Football Association worked with long-term partner Grabyo to create a daily live show exclusively for fans across social platforms.

‘The Lions Den’ was created as a way to bring England fans closer to the team than ever before, using live video, real-time interactions, fan participation, live polls and influencer content to create a bespoke piece of digital-first programming that enhanced fan engagement and create a positive sentiment around the FA brand.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Any football club will agree that a growing and engaged database of fans is an essential component of its commercial strategy. This will involve on-boarding the next generation of fans, gathering data from international supporters, and convincing domestic followers not on the Club database to register. Tottenham Hotspur is no different, however its approach to engagement with new fans certainly is. By implementing a striking two-fold welcome journey, the Club was able to both delight fans and achieve results that were far beyond expectations. This hyper-personal communications strategy, featuring fans’ named adorned on the famous white shirt, received rave reviews from excited supporters, drove 4 times higher engagement, and contributed to astonishing YoY revenue figures.

#UnitedByHCL – Manchester United and HCL Technologies

Manchester United is amongst the most beloved & iconic sports brands in the world; eliciting one-of-a-kind emotions from a global following of 659 million fans, with success across a 140-year+ legacy, making them one of the world’s most valued brands.

As the Official Digital Transformation Partner of Manchester United, HCL Technologies aims to not just create transformative solutions for Man Utd and its global fanbase, but also establish ourselves as a next-generation technology company in the businesses of empowering organizations to deliver great, unified experiences. The association with the world’s most iconic football brand has helped HCL build stronger customer relationships with money can’t buy experiences, showcase our capabilities in digital at a global scale and obtain unparalleled brand visibility across fans in 190+ countries.

This is not just a partnership; it is a sign of a new reality – one where technology is transforming business into a team sport.