Best Sports Event of the Year – Overseas

2nd Teqball World Cup – International Teqball Federation

Teqball has experienced an astronomic rise since it was founded by three Hungarian businessmen experimenting with a table-tennis table in their garage. Now a weekly feature of BT Sport Saturday Savage, it has dominated sports headlines following the 2 nd Teqball World Cup in France just a few months ago.

PR has played an integral part in raising the profile of the little known sport, encouraging people to give it a go, establishing its trademark events and helping to legitimise the sport so it can one day feature in the Olympic Games.
The 2nd Teqball World Cup in Reims, France in 2018 served as the catalyst for Teqball, a once-obscure sport played in Central Europe, to explode onto the global stage. Male and female athletes from 42 countries around the world took part in two days of thrilling singles and doubles competitions, attracting thousands of live spectators and millions more through television broadcast and social media coverage of the event. The number of competitors more than doubled on the previous year, with organisers welcoming UK teams for the first time and representatives from Asian, African, European and Pacific nations.

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships – Dubai Duty Free

Through the organiser’s continued commitment to excellence, the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Tournament has firmly established itself as one of the most popular and prestigious tournaments on the ATP and WTA world tours, and is one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the Dubai sporting calendar. The organisation of the event is seamless and results in an outstanding experience for players, spectators and officials. The organizers challenge themselves to improve the delivery of the tournament each year, resulting in an event which not only offers great action and excitement on and off the court but also supports and enhances Dubai’s international reputation as a sporting and business destination.

Heart of The Lion | ONE Championship

Martial arts is a true sports and entertainment phenomenon, capturing imaginations around the world with its stories of bravery and courage Martial arts, especially in Asia, represents true Asian values such as integrity, honor, respect, humility, discipline, courage and compassion ONE Championship is the celebration of Asia’s greatest cultural treasure — martial arts It is the world’s largest martial arts organization and the home of martial arts, hosting bouts from Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, silat, sanda, mixed martial arts, lethwei, tae kwon do, submission grappling, and more Since 2011, ONE Championship has helped build martial arts and its values through various in-depth promotions and PR efforts, which place great emphasis on educating viewers on the core rules and regulations that govern martial arts With these rules in place, athletes are given a global platform to showcase the beauty of martial arts as a competitive sport Over the years, ONE Championship has put together a brilliant formula of developing martial arts athletes into heroes and role models that fans can connect to on a personal level, sharing similar upbringing, culture, and background The appeal lies in not just turning athletes into superstars by strictly promoting them as such, but by giving

The Ryder Cup – PGA European Tour

The 42nd edition of the Ryder Cup saw the most high-profile event in golf come to Paris between 25-30th of September 2018. Four years of work by the dedicated staff culminated in the most successful edition of the event ever hosted in Europe. The list evidencing the Ryder Cup as best-in-class goes on and on, but some of the highlights are as follows:

– The most spectator-friendly venue ever, in terms of visibility and on-site technological-integration to improve their experience
– A record attendance – Over 270,000 attendees at-event, representing a record Ryder Cup attendance in Europe
– Record TV audiences for golf & the Ryder Cup across various broadcasters
– Over 22 billion impressions on all social content around the event
– A resounding commercial success

World Table Tennis Day – International Table Tennis Federation Foundation

“TABLE TENNIS FOR EVERYONE, EVERWHERE” is the slogan to share the joy of playing Table Tennis worldwide on APRIL 6. WORLD TABLE TENNIS DAY (WTTD) forms part of ITTF Foundation’s Table Tennis for ALL – Programme and aims to reach most quantity of people and different target groups. It builds up on 3 pillars: POPULAR, UNIVERSAL & INCLUSIVE.

The focus is on social outcomes presenting Table Tennis as a sport accessible for everyone. FEW MATERIALS AND SKILLS ARE NEEDED to play, have fun and spread positive messages among players. EVENTS ARE SET UP ALL AROUND THE WORLD bringing Table Tennis closer also to laypersons.

OVER 94,000 PERSONS celebrated World Table Tennis Day 2018 all around the globe. Many of them usually don’t play or train Table Tennis. The number is set to grow from year to year.

Beyond competitions, Table Tennis serves as a vehicle for POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE, a HEALTHY WORTHWHILE USE OF LEISURE TIME and an opportunity to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER, an excellent tool for SOCIAL INCLUSION. Table Tennis has a unique value where people from different ages, gender, skills or physical condition can play together. It is SPORT FOR LIFE and It´s FUN! Stay updated on