Sports Tech of the Year – for Sport and in Sport, Lagardere Sports, Supponor

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD, developed by ADI and Supponor, combines traditional LED, visible to fans in the stadium, with virtual replacement technology, which makes it possible to change the perimeter content seen by different international audiences watching the same match.

2018 is a breakthrough year for the technology as, following years of development, ADI and Supponor have installed a Virtual Hybrid LED system deployed by Lagardere Sports in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top division football league.

Now clubs adopting the technology can significantly increase revenue by commercialising the same perimeter media space multiple times over – delivering different perimeter advertising content to individual broadcast territories, whilst clubs maintain visual LED in stadium.

Perimeter advertising in sport is one of the most high profile and high value media assets a club or federation has, due to its visibility amongst huge viewing audiences. The value of this media space has reached maturity in most sports, however, the emergence of augmented reality perimeter technology is the next great revenue opportunity for clubs and venues.

APEX, STATSports Group

STATSports is the world’s leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis solutions for some of the most well-renowned sports franchises in the world by providing world leading performance monitoring devices for elite sports. Teams in the English Premier League, La Liga, the NFL, NBA and other professional sporting leagues use STATSports’ performance trackers to gather and analyse real-time player and team data during training and games to help them improve performance, strategy and reduce injuries.

Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs is leading the convergence of sports, data and computer science, redefining the way sporting teams use data to protect players and enhance performance.

The Kitman Labs Athlete Optimization System TM provides insights for teams to better understand and mitigate the specific variables that impact injuries and performance.

Kitman Labs continues to pioneer a new era of analytics and sports science, operating with an unparalleled pace of innovation to support and partner with some of the biggest sporting teams in the world, helping them to progress, compete, and outperform both on and off the field.
Over 80 teams in 32 leagues, across five continents trust Kitman Labs to unlock the mystery behind injury.

We are delighted to report on average, Kitman Labs’ clients on have experience 41 percent fewer days lost to injury, 31 percent fewer severe injuries and 65 percent fewer season ending injuries.

NeuLion Digital Platform

NeuLion is a digital video technology provider specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization. NeuLion works with sports leagues, teams and broadcasters such as the NBA, English Football League, Sky Sports, NFL, UFC, and many more, enabling them to deliver content over the internet to consumers worldwide on any device, monetize their content, and create engaging, interactive video experiences for their viewers.

The NeuLion Digital Platform was developed to make it simple for sports content owners to go direct-to-consumer by providing them everything necessary to deliver live action directly to fans.

NeuLion is constantly introducing new technologies to improve the viewing experience for sports fans, such as personalization services, interactive graphics offering rights holders new ways to engage their audience, and the highest quality video up to 4K/HDR.

NeuLion helps sports content owners turn their content into digital revenue with a suite of easy to use monetization tools and provides our customers with new ways to attract and retain fans.

The NeuLion Digital Platform has grown the amount and variety of sports content available for fans, and each year delivers approximately 63,000 live sports events across more than 30 different sports.


StreamAMG’s platforms allow for commercialisation of content, via Media Platform (StreamMP) and its associated payment & subscription management service, and offers an end-to-end turnkey solution for rights holders and publishers in sport to monetise content.

Online video content will sit comfortably embedded within the right’s holders websites, with targeted advertising, pay per view or subscription models all supported to allow absolute control of monetisation options. Branded players and watermarks ensure that content matches the business’ online presence, while in-depth analytical tools mean that clients have all the information about your audiences at the tips of their fingers.

Focusing on delivering bespoke solutions, our experts deal with production, signal acquisition, project management and are able to integrate with existing systems and CMS. Our applications are technically excellent and connected to a global CDN. StreamAMG has a huge client list of businesses within the sports sector using our products, ranging from Liverpool FC, English Football League, the Professional Darts Corporation, the Open Championship and many more.

We pride ourselves in offering innovative solutions which maximise commercial returns on content and have been doing so for 17 years strong.

Swansea City Football Club & Other Media – Official Swans App

Engaging and satisfying the needs of football fans is about action on and off the pitch; match days and non- match days; and consuming information wherever you are. Augmenting the excitement and anticipation of the big kick-off for fans at the game and at home, and keeping the buzz going after the final whistle is eminently best suited to a digital approach. Building a digital relationship between club and fans opens up so many possibilities to meet these varied demands and an app is the ultimate means of offering a more connected experience for fans at any time, in any place.

The Swansea City fan app offers a way for fans to connect with their club, with each other, and feel part of a community. They are afforded the convenience of consuming everything Swans they need (and this really is about need when you are so passionately supporting your football team) at their fingertips.

Fans across the globe are being brought together through technology and the app at the same time is facilitating the continued growth and realising commercial opportunities for this progressive club.

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four

With the aim of placing the fans in the middle of the action, EuroLeague and FirstVision brought them literally on court thanks to the 360-degree Body-Cameras. Wore by one of the three Officials during every Final Four game, the camera caught all the on court action of the games.

Fans were then enabled to try the VR experience of the Final Four during the same event, thanks to VR booths placed in the arena and in the Fanzone.

Post event distribution of the same clips also gathered the attention of the media landscape, being a worldwide first timer for such an event in VR.


Zeelo was founded in 2017 by young entrepreneurs Barney Williams (26) and Sam Ryan (25) to reinvent the way fans travel to matches. The business was founded after experiencing the mele of fans travelling to Twickenham on an international match day.

They spotted a clear gap in the market to make travel simple and convenient using data to understand where large numbers of fans were travelling from and to match that demand with executive, direct coach routes.

Zeelo uses it’s unique AI-powered algorithm to connect like-minded fans with direct, hassle-free and fun shared coach services based on fan demand. Originally launched in February 2017, Zeelo has grown from 0 to 3000 regular sports fans travelling each month. We have partnerships with 12 major football and rugby clubs including Man City FC, Swansea City, Cardiff City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa and Wasps Rugby.

With Zeelo, fans are 65% more likely to go to more games, spend £12 more at the ground and service level ratings remain at over 9/10 across all journeys.

Zeelo has recently been backed by Jaguar Land Rover and plans to expand across the UK and internationally in 2018.

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