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Oaks Consultancy Ltd

Here at Oaks we help sports organisations raise their game. Formed back in 2008 – with roots in the business of sport – our journey over the last twelve months has seen us work with organisations of all shapes and sizes right across the sport sector: from grassroots sports clubs through to national governing bodies and international sport for development charities. This year we have:

–  Generated over £3m of revenue and capital funding from grants for a range of Club Community Organisations, including the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the Newcastle United Foundation, Millwall Community Trust, Pompey in the Community and Everton in the Community.

–  Created a three-year strategy for award-winning sports charities Albion in the Community and Pompey in the Community to meet the Premier League’s Capability Status requirements.

–  Supporting the ongoing fundraising work of Blackpool FC Community Trust, Fulham FC Foundation, Preston North End Community and Education Trust and others.

–  Launched partnerships with leading sport for development charities including the School of Hard Knocks, Sported and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

–  Empowered several sports organisations to expand their work, support more vulnerable people, and ultimately change lives through sport across the UK.

ESF Events Ltd

ESF Events is a specialist event organisation which stages residential sports festivals for youth sports teams throughout the UK. We offer professionally organised youth sporting festivals that bring over 1,600 youth Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League teams of all abilities together, for an exciting weekend of sport and fun.

Working in closely with event partners, such as Leicester Tigers, Leeds Rhinos, Butlin’s holiday resorts and St George’s Park, ESF Events offer youth sports teams the opportunity to enjoy a safe, affordable and exciting team touring experience. We aim to provide positive sporting experiences for the children and their families, which they will remember with their teammates for years to come.

Since our first ESF festival in 1989, over 1 million people have participated in our festivals. ESF Events are the UK’s leading provider of residential youth sports festival in the UK.

Our aim for 2017 was simple, to have more youth sports teams than ever before participate in the ESF Festival of Footaball, the Tigers Challenge and the Rhinos Challenge.

Oxford Medi Stress

Oxford Medi-Stress (OMS) is a medi tech product that is sold into professional sports clubs such as Manchester United, Hull Rugbey League Club, McClareb F1 team and British Swimming to name a few.

It is a physical device with that, with a pin prick of blood from the athletes finger, the blood is mixed with a patented chemical mix of viruses. These viruses effectively “attack” the white blood cells in the blood sample – testing how the immune system of the players is reacting to the viruses that are putting the white blood cells under stress. The test tube is then inserted into our physical device and gives the team doctors a physical reading of the level of immune system strength.

Any spike or dip in the results immediately trigger any unforseen changes to the stress levels of the athletes body and adjustments can h blade well before any illness or injury takes place.

The science team have also recently finished testing on a new chemical mix for measuring white blood cell strength for prostate cancer patients in remission and is currently also creating a similar patented formula for lung cancer patients in remission. These formulas are designed to show any very stage earnings of such cancers flairing up again.

ILG Business

The ILG Elite Sports Platform, is for sports teams who want to be at the forefront of performance analysis and communications technology. With unique and innovative features, the ILG Elite Sports App is a secure and easy way for coaches to improve sports performance and communicate with their athletes.

We can build you a bespoke app, tailor- made to your team. It would have your team’s logo and designed to fit your brief. You decide what features you’d like for your app.

We pride ourselves in the utmost security for the Elite Sports App. Here at ILG we understand how important it is to protect your data. We have extra security as we are partnered with IBM which allows us to control the MDM, so in the worst-case scenario if the device was lost or stolen we can remove the MDM and the app. Also, you are unable to forward anything from the app to other devices.

This is your app – you own it and decide how it will work best for you. Each of our apps are unique to the client and we aim to provide a customised service every time.


MATTA are the creative agency for nine major sporting National and International Governing Bodies, amongst an expanding roster of 15 sports-related clients.

By applying FMCG brand-building and communication principles to this sector, MATTA have helped build the equity of brands through identity and advertising campaigns, in some cases offering a challenger mindset to the refreshment of more traditional brands.

As a result, their clients have consistently hit affinity, attendance or participation targets.

In 2017 MATTA helped sell millions of tickets, including for the Emirates FA Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy, inspire a generation of fans, challenge perceptions, and drive participation.