The country’s first ever invite only member’s club for people who play professional sport and those at the highest level in the business of sport, The London Sporting Club is a new way for people within the industry to network and make contacts in a relaxed, luxurious environment.

Situated within the Grade II listed mansion which is home to Morton’s in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, The London Sporting Club is a wholly unique experience as it automatically creates a wide –ranging sporting network based at a single venue, allowing people from all aspects of the industry to meet, mingle and connect in a single space.

A home away from home for people living in the UK or indeed those visiting from abroad, the club has welcoming staff that will ensure that any time spent there is relaxing, enjoyable and the perfect atmosphere to meet and connect with other people in the industry.  

From the club on the basement level to the cocktail bar and to the high class restaurants, the whole of Morton’s has a welcoming feeling of exclusivity that makes it the perfect social hub for people who want to socialise in different ways, strengthening bonds and making new contacts in a natural, relaxed way.

Of course, what truly sets The London Sporting Club apart is their concentration on the sporting industry. The Club will make a point of creating introductions when necessary or relevant, facilitating the opportunities for all club members, whether they play sport or who are in the business of sport brands, sponsors, investors, broadcasters et al) so that there is always new connections to be made. There are also regular lunches scheduled that welcome well-known sporting names, networking events for finding crucial contacts and exclusive offers with high end brands and products, all of which is made all the more accessible and easy with the help of the club’s 360 degree concierge service. 

Available to host receptions, meetings and other events, membership to The London Sporting Club also means free membership to a network of global clubs scheduled to be opened within the next three years as well as a free membership for a nominated plus one for free, allowing you to introduce someone else to the unique, intimate environment so that they can benefit too.

Membership for The London Sporting Club is priced from £1,500 plus VAT for the first 200 members and £1,750 plus VAT thereafter.

If you are interested in joining the LSC then please email

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